Google Gemini

Companies today are in fierce competition to excel in AI technologies. ChatGPT is leading the charge! Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI are all diligently working to develop highly efficient AI chatbots for everyone. Discover how Google Gemini updates (Bard) have tackled the competition against the ChatGPT chatbot. Let’s delve into its features and capabilities.

Google Gemini

What is Google Gemini?

Google Bard was one of the most well-known generative AI chatbots introduced by Google DeepMind. It was an acceptable model for processing texts. But in the way of Google’s aspirations to develop its AI software.

Bard right now is simply named “Gemini” and is available in 40 different languages on the web. Google Gemini is available as an Android app in the Google Play Store and for iOS too, It comes in 4 flavors:

  • Free version: It’s the ordinary version that every Google user can use, It requires only login into your Google account, or simply visit
  • Ultra: The super version of Gemini allows better problem-solving, understanding, and doing creative work. It’s the best for complex tasks in complex platforms and devices.
  • Pro: a lite model used for PCs; they added more features to the Google Bard chatbot.
  • Nano: smaller Google Gemini model that runs on mobile devices.

The paid AI versions such as Ultra require to be subscribed in Google One AI Premium plan for Gemini Advanced, which costs only 19.99$ monthly with free 2 months for new subscribers.

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Why did Google rebrand to Gemini instead of “Bard”?

I was surprised by Google Gemini’s updates from Bard to Gemini. once I opened the I noticed that it redirects to, but why change the name this time? Google suffered a lot while developing Google Bard with terrible errors.

Google Bard failed in answering a question asked in the very first demo, Which someone asked the bot: “What discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old about?” the surprising thing is that Bard mentioned a point about the first picture of a planet outside the solar system.

That answer was misleading. An astronaut said in a tweet in X: “I’m sure Bard will be impressive” then said the correct information.

Such a mistake can destroy Google AI plans in just hours, Google has lost its reputation. Additionally, there are also a few reasons for converting Bard to Gemini such as Gemini reflects advanced technology and it’s a quite unified name for Google AI, because “Bard” might have felt separated from other Google AI projects.

Top Google Gemini Updates and Features

Google Gemini updates are focusing on productivity improvement, let’s know the advanced features:

  1. Advanced coding capabilities: google Gemini updates produce high-quality codes for developers in any popular programming language while explaining every single code.
  2. Understanding the long context: It can process more than 1 million tokens of info at one time.
  3. Customization and integrations: the best feature ever is: “IT’S a Google Product” which means Google Gemini AI can integrate with other Google products like Calendar, Google Maps, Docs, and Gmail to help both companies and individuals improve productivity.
  4. Multimedia Content Processing: In terms of multimedia content processing, Gemini is a superior substitute for ChatGPT. While ChatGPT can only handle text in its 3.5 version, Gemini can handle text, photos, videos, and audio with ease. However, the ChatGPT 4 is more sophisticated and can handle data that is displayed in a multimedia style.

On the other hand, Basic and Premium Gemini can’t be the same, the basic version is limited in long-context understanding, less accessibility to some of Google services, and limited context window too.

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New capabilities in Google Gemini Updates

There are significant leaps in every version of Gemini, Let’s see what happened in Pro v1.5: The Gemini 1.5 Pro version can process more than 700 thousand words or 30 thousand lines of code. that means better than the 1.0 version by more than 35 times!

In addition, Google Gemini update Pro v1.5 can process up to 11 hours of audio and 1 hour of video in many different languages. Also, Google Gemini comes with better image generation and more productivity for enterprises with the Imagen 2 model.

Gemini VS ChatGPT: which one is the best for you?

ChatGPT: The Most Popular

AI users still hesitate between the top two models, Google Gemini powered by Google and ChatGPT. Choosing between them depends on your own needs, for example, you should use ChatGPT if..: You want to try a popular artificial intelligence chatbot: ChatGPT has more than 100 million users across the world, with 1.8 billion visitors every month, I’ve tried ChatGPT3.5 for a long time free.

It missed some updates because it trained on human-created dates up to Jan 2022. Let’s try asking ChatGPT3.5 this question: “How to protect my smartphone for Trojans, try generate creative ways”:

You are ready to pay for an upgrade: ChatGPT3.5 is not very good for enterprises, just for personal uses and simple research, if you want to use ChatGPT 4, then you should upgrade to 20$ monthly. It’s one of the largest LLMs available for companies, and API is available too for efficient integrations.

Gemini: For Google lovers

Google Gemini has its positive sides, for example, you should use Gemini if..: Unlimited experience and fast responses: Unlike Microsoft AI chatbot (30 replies only) and ChatGPT Plus (40 messages every 3 hours). Gemini comes with totally unlimited experience with faster replies than ChatGPT3.5. 

Google products experience: If you are a Google apps lover, we recommend you to try Google Gemini rather than ChatGPT versions, because most applications will cooperate to help you do your work. Here is our try asking the free Gemini version the same previous question:

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Image Generation: The best ever!

Google acknowledges its mistake in the previous generative AI. Gemini brings your ideas to life, whether you are a designer or a content writer Google Gemini generates high-quality images using “Imagen 2”.

It understands complex prompts. Also, enterprise developers can use Imagen 2 within Google Clouds. I asked Gemini: “Generate an image for the longest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia in 2025” and here is the response:


Even with the latest Google Gemini updates, the chatbot may produce some unwanted content. So, mistakes are still there of course. But Google are continuing to enhance the service as possible and they are doing a great job! Gemini is better than Bard many times. People start working with it. it’s time to try it by yourself.

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