The top myths about big data

Big data is one of the hottest terms in today’s world. But actually, there are many myths and rumors about Big data. People started to understand it in the wrong way. In this article will discuss these myths and explain the correct information. What does Big Data mean? Explaining what exactly big data means is […]

How Generative AI Can Redefine IAM?

Generative AI in IAM presents numerous avenues, challenges, and advantages. Delve into how Gen AI could shape the future of identity access management (IAM). As ChatGPT becomes increasingly widespread worldwide, Generative AI chatbots are spreading far and wide. Everyone is using ChatGPT from OpenAI or Google Bard to solve problems in their lives, albeit primarily […]

What is User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Pros and Cons

Did you hear about UBA and UEBA, what is User Behavior Analytics (UBA), what differences, and how they do work? The most recent Data Breach Incident Report (DBIR) found that 74% of enterprises feel vulnerable to insider attacks. Another study by Carnegie Mellon University said “30% of all respondents reported that insider attacks were the most costly […]