Explore Latest Google Gemini Updates

Companies today are in fierce competition to excel in AI technologies. ChatGPT is leading the charge! Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI are all diligently working to develop highly efficient AI chatbots for everyone. Discover how Google Gemini updates (Bard) have tackled the competition against the ChatGPT chatbot. Let’s delve into its features and capabilities. What is […]

What Are The Uses of AI In Social Engineering Attacks ?

AI is not super cool all the time. Yes, it has powerful skills that sometimes compete with human capabilities. Even this piece has been scanned by an AI tool to make sure it’s a grammar-mistake-free article. And it’s more than just to detect any poor grammar content. It does a great job of finding out […]

Why Should You Install Anti-Ransomware?

What are you concerned about as a business owner? Your business objectives, your employees’ productivity, and your profits and ROI. Not all business owners and entrepreneurs will pay attention to their cybersecurity. And that’s exactly why they suffer a lot when hackers carry out an attack against their networks.  However, here is the ugly truth: […]

What is AutoGPT? All you want to know about AutoGPT

With the advancements in natural language processing, text generation has become a popular tool used by businesses and individuals alike. Two of the most popular tools used for text generation are AutoGPT and ChatGPT. AutoGPT is an artificial intelligence model designed to generate text automatically, while ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot designed to communicate with […]