Service Desk Plus
ManageEngine - Service Desk Plus

Service Desk Plus is a total solution that provides great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues with less cost& time, increasing efficiency and maximize the productivity.

Service Desk Plus is provided by ManageEngine to more that 100,000+ clients worldwide. It designed in 3 different editions according to your business needs:

1- IT Help Desk Software
2- Asset management
3- ITIL Process

Why Manage Engine Service Desk Plus:

Single point of communication:
Functions as a single point of contact for all end-user related IT support, information, questions and requests making IT communication easier and less complicated.

ITIL Compliant service modules:
Support processes are based on industry proven best practices and ensures a fast and efficient resolution of customer issues.

Extensive knowledge base:
For common customer IT support queries that considerably reduces the support load.

Highly Customization:
You can add, remove, re-define various fields for your convenience.

Reduces costs:
It is a complete web-based service that can be accessed over the internet eliminating the time and cost in installing and maintaining infrastructure and software.

Access anytime anywhere:
Get access to your help desk from anywhere even when you are on the move.

High Scalability:
You can scale up or down effortlessly based on your user-base or according to your business growth.

Easy to deploy and use:
No need to deploy any hardware or software. Just Sign up and get started with the service in minutes and the intuitive web interface will reduce the complexity in handling and providing IT support to customers.

Automated Upgrades:
Upgrades to this service happens more frequently than conventional software. Client level upgrades have zero downtime, while probe upgrades will be less frequent with very minimal downtime. All upgrade processes are automated.

Pay only for what you use, when you need it.

Subscription Pricing:
We offer you easy subscription plans that suit your business needs.

System Requirements:

Minimum System requirements for effectively running ManageEngine Service Desk Plus:

The hard disk space grows overtime based on the stored data. More RAM space and high end processors are required depending on the Support Load and simultaneous access load.


The system is not require incredible requirements of server hardware. The server can be a core duo intel processor, a 4 GB Ram and about 80 GB free Hard Disk.

Operating System


  • Windows server 2012
  • Windows 2008 Server


  • Red Hat Linux 7.2 and above
  • Linux Debian 3.0

Supported Database

  • MySQL 4.1.18
  • MySQL 5.1.50
  • MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008, MS SQL 2012, MS SQL 2014
  • PostgreSQL

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer: IE 11, IE Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

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