The MYFAX is a complete, smart, highly economical solution for sending and receiving thousands of faxes daily and never miss a fax !. It was designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, governmental organizations, banks, hospitals, insurance, lawyers, and all business that needs sending and receiving faxes every day. MYFAX comes with all the required features that save your Time, Money, raise efficiency and achieve to move toward a paperless office.


How it works:

MYFAX enables sending a fax or a large number of faxes (at the same time) by via email through your mobile phone, PC, desktop, or any other email system ( e.g. Gmail, outlook, …etc.) and from any place in the world. An email sends a fax from your office fax device without printing it and keeps it private and secured. Furthermore, it can send your faxes to your email.


MyFax Features:

1. Easy To set up and use: MyFax is an IP base browser server needs only power, LAN and PSTN (public switched telephone network) and few minutes to start working. It sends faxes via IP network.

2. Fax to Email – Fax by Email:
Sending and receiving faxes directly to/ from your email address – in PDF & TIF-  with any email system outlook, Gmail, …etc. Just type the email body and attach PDF & TIF Document.

3. Myfax server can connect to 100 – 200 users with an ability to share faxes through a local LAN or through the internet. Plus, archiving faxes up to 8000 pages on my fax memory.

4. Ability to queue a large number of faxes, Scheduling time and date of sending the faxes, and ability to create a list of recipients and modify it from any local or web-based data sheets.

5. High speed, transmission speed 33.6 KB per second. Archiving faxes up to 8000 pages on my fax memory.

6. Private & Secured: your faxes in your email. MyFax enables customization and control in specific users to send or receive files, Support user login, fax sent a log, receive fax log, Fax distributing log and internal transmit log. all logs can be modified and can be exported with documents.

7. Supports many languages: Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Thai and Persian.

MyFax Models:

There are 6 models of MyFax

No. Users




Fax Line





Gross Weight





280*150*45 mm

450*235*45 mm

Fax Format


Fax Storage

4000 Pages

8000 Pages

Rack Mount



Power Supply

12V DC, 1A

90-240V AC, 1A

Network Protocol


Fax Routing

Line / CSID / Extension / Caller ID


English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish,
Italian, Polish, Japanese, Thai, Persian

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