Patch Manager plus

ManageEngine Patch Manager plus is a simple patch management tool that, helps in keeping your network patched and secured. Whether you have one computer or hundred, they can all be patched at the same time from a single point of a console.

Patch manager plus architecture

Patch Manager Plus Features:

  • Cross-platform support to patch across all major devices operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Supports patching heterogeneous endpoints such as laptops, desktops, servers, roaming users and virtual machines.


  • Third Party Application patching: 
    Management and deployment of patches to 250+ third-party applications such as Adobe applications, Java, and WinRAR.


  • Easy to use : patch management tool with an interactive web-based interface and support documents to help users at every step.


  • Affordable enterprise scalability to meet your needs whether you’re deploying patches around a specific case, specific department or your entire enterprise.


  • Completely automate patching process from scanning, assessment, deployment, and reporting. Which means save IT staff time and resources.


  • Flexible Deployment Policies: Customize patch deployment policies according to your business needs.


  • Insightful Reports: great visibility into patch compliance and patch status of endpoints with real-time audits and reporting.


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