OPManager features

ManageEngine OPManager

Get in-depth visibility for better fault management and greater control over network performance.

Monitor networks in real time

Monitor the performance of network devices in real time via live dashboards and graphs. Measure critical metrics like packet loss, errors, and discards.

Analyze firewall logs

Collect, analyze, and archive firewall logs to maintain security and compliance. Identify and fix security loopholes instantly.

Track physical and virtual servers

Monitor critical performance metrics like availability, CPU, disk space, and memory utilization across physical and virtual servers

Manage and track switch ports

Track switch ports and the devices connected to them in real time. Use SNMP to group switches and manage switch ports.

Perform in-depth bandwidth analysis

Identify and classify non-standard applications that hog network bandwidth. Reconfigure policies with traffic shaping techniques via ACL or class-based policies to gain control over bandwidth-hungry applications.

Handle network configuration changes

Back up, push, and revert configurations from OpManager’s web interface. Receive notifications about unauthorized configuration changes.

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