Mobile Device Manager Plus
ManageEngine - Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is a tool that empowers an entire workforce with the power of mobility. It consolidates management processes and resources, isolates business resources from personal resources, and enables end-user flexibility.

It offers a wide range of functionalities that help in managing the mobile devices with ease. It can be used to manage Android, iOS and Windows devices. It has numerous features that address all the requirements of device management in the corporate sector.

Mobile Device Manager Plus Features

Device Enrollment
Enroll devices manually, in bulk or make users’ self-enroll their iOS or Android devices with two factor authentication.

Remotely view and control mobile devices

App Management
Distribute both in-house and store apps to devices, remove/disable blacklisted apps, assign redemption codes for commercial apps, and more.

Security Management
Ability to Configure your security policies such as the passcode, device lock to protect corporate data from outside threats.

Asset Management
Mobile Device Manager Plus gives you a Complete visibility of the devices in your network with A summary of applications on the device and Granular details about your device inventory.

Email Management
Ability to Configure, secure and manage corporate mobile email accounts through Platform Containerization and Exchange ActiveSync

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Mobile Device Manager Plus Architecture

Kiosk Mode
Mobile Device Manager Plus supports lockdown functions that only allow access to selected apps for both iOS and Android devices. On iOS devices, this feature is known as “Single app lock,” and on Android devices, the feature is called “Kiosk mode.

Profile Management
Profile settings let you create and impose various policies and restrictions regarding user access to work related data.