Applications Manager

Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring solution that proactively monitors business applications, and helps businesses ensure their revenue-critical applications meet end-user expectations. Applications Manager offers out-of-the-box monitoring support for 100+ applications and servers.

Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)
Applications Manager is able to Monitor over 100 key performance indicators of your applications – including response time, resource availability, and CPU/memory utilization.
Application manager is able to manage a wide range of business applications and network services, with flexibility to group the application and its related services to be monitored as a single unit.
SLA(Service Level Agreement ) Management and Monitoring
Applications Manager can help SLA monitoring by monitoring the availability and performance of your mission-critical business applications and ensure you derive higher business value through better management of IT and IT processes.
The reporting function enables you to analyze your application server, database server, custom applications, custom scripts, services, and servers for months and all this without making any additional configuration changes.
ManageEngine Applications Manager has different Editions for different needs; monitor up to 50,000 servers or applications with the distributed monitoring capabilities of Applications Manager’s Enterprise edition.
Applications Manager has the ability to Login anytime and conduct business through a mobile app (iOS & Android). It permits three types of user access to work with the product the User, the Operator, and the Administrator. Also it supports many languages; it is available in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hungarian, Japanese and Vietnamese languages.
Detect anomalies in the performance of your apps and servers by fixing baseline values for metrics.
ManageEngine Applications Manager provides REST APIs for fetching data from Applications Manager. These APIs make it easy to integrate Applications Manager with internal portals and other monitoring tools.
Fault management with Root Cause Analysis
In Applications Manager enables you to gain end to end visibility in your applications, so that you can quickly troubleshoot identified problems, as it identifies application faults and resolve them, get notification of problems, automate resolution of problems.

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