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ManagEngine - Analytics Plus

ManageEngine Analytics Plus is a reporting and Business intelligence software  from ManageEngine that is capable of analyzing IT data – from variety of sources such as files, feeds, local, cloud database or a third party application – with 30+ chart types/ visualizations ( charts, funnel charts, area charts and more) with ability to define chart borders and colors. It is able to automatically generate reports and dashboards and with many options that helps make business-critical decisions.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus Features:

1- Easy to use, Instant, flexible report creation
using a drag-and-drop visual studio, easily create and customize reports and dashboards for smarter decisions. And user friendly interface.

2- Auto-analysis of data
Analytics Plus intelligently reads the data you import and performs auto-analysis to automatically generate customized reports and dashboards.

3- Integration with ManageEngine products:
Integration with ManageEngine’s products for ITSM, IT Operations and Support and get a complete picture of your IT.
ServiceDesk Plus &ServiceDesk Plus MSP
OPManager& application manager
SupportCenter Plus

4- Powerful visualizations
Change the way you see data. Choose from over 30 visualizations, colors, and layout themes.

5- Schedule reports
Schedule your reports to be emailed any time you want to avoid manual repetitive work.

6- Share and collaborate
Sharing your reports with your colleagues. Export, share, and publish your reports, whenever you want. Exporting reports and dashboards as CSV, XLS, PDF or HTML files.

7- Work seamlessly across Web and mobile.
An Analytics Plus mobile app for Android and iOS tablets allows users to access and interact with the reports and dashboards they’ve already created.


System Requirements

The server requirements are applicable. It can be a pc with 1GHz processor,  4GB RAM, (80GB-250GB) hard disk. for more details in the table below.




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