ManageEngine ADManager Plus

Manage and report on Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange from a web-based console

Automated provisioning/de-provisioning

Provision new user accounts automatically when the roster gets updated. Automatically archive users’ home folders, and revoke their group memberships and access permissions the moment their accounts are terminated.

Pre-packaged, reprovisioning centric reports

Gain insight into all changes happening in your AD, Microsoft 365, Windows Servers, and Exchange Servers. Monitor user logon activities, changes to AD objects, and more in real time. Assign/reassign scripts to or reprovision user accounts as needed directly from the reports.

Standardized, one-stop provisioning

Provision all user entitlements from Exchange mailboxes to M365 accounts from a single window or provisioning template

Off-the-shelf user management solutions

Change any of 150 user attributes based on a situation. Use the pre-packaged solution set to easily re-provision accounts..

Automate both critical and everyday ad operations

Automate tasks like “inactive account management” or other routine AD functions.

Smart, non-invasive AD delegation

Safely delegate user management tasks to business managers and HR without losing control using ADManager Plus’ smart delegation system and AD Workflow.

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