IP Camera
IP Cameras

Today, Cameras is a need to many sectors of business such as banking & Finance, Retails, Transportation, ..etc. and also for individuals who need to keep their homes safe.

IP camera is a good solution that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link. It is working within a LAN Network –Wired or Wireless- as it has an IP address and login by using computer and typing in their IP address.

IT-Pillars Company offers a total solution for CCTV Systems and HikVision and Dahua IP cameras. HikVision and Dahua ip cameras have varieties of types that can be suitable to your need, day and night Ip camera, recording the voice, control through the internet from your PC or mobile phone.

How IP Camera works

IP Cameras can record real time videos that you can receive in any place through the internet. Just enter a username and password to a web page from your pc or mobile phone.  That’s why Ip cameras is a best solution for surveillance.

Sectors always interested in using IP- Cameras:

IP Cameras for Banking & Finance:
Ip cameras can record Millions of transactions that is happening every day in banking and financial institutions. IP Cameras is a great solution for surveillance of places like Entrance, lobby, ATM Area, cash transaction areas, outdoor, and observing the performance of the employees. IP camera can record these daily events in videos and images can be extracted easily for all target motions and with face recognition.

IP Camera for Retail, Malls, restaurants, Hotels:

Hyper markets, malls, restaurants, hotels and stores are kind of places that have daily millions of onsite customers That makes a necessary not only surveillance or keeping safety in the place but also measuring the behavior of the customer toward your products. IP cameras can be a great factor in measuring your customer impression toward your products or services. You can see the reaction and impression of the customer toward a new recipe in a restaurant as an example. Or arrange the products in your store according to the customer interest, which product is a 1st choice, your store is suitable in navigation to your customer or not!

IP cameras help you get a real feedback from your customer toward your products and service. IP cameras can observe in real time what is happening and increasing security to your visitors and keep their safety. Also observing their behavior toward your products and services

IP camera For Individuals:
IP Cameras provide you and your family with safety and security. It enables you control remotely by your mobile or pc.

It-Pillars is offering a total solution for your organization, hotel, compounds, banks, …etc. We offer a customized solution for your need. Dahua and HikVision ip cameras are easy to use, remotely controlled through phone, pc, or desktop.

IP Camera types and features:

IT-Pillars is one of distributors for Dahua IP cameras and HikVision IP Camera in Saudi Arabia. IT-pillars builds a total solution for your organization, hotel, compounds, banks, …etc.

Dahua and HikVision ip cameras Easy to be installed, just needs an internet and a power cable. They are remotely control from any location through your mobile, pc, ..etc. through the internet.

Dahua or HikVision IP Camera enables Face Recognition with clear images can be extracted from the video especially for moving targets. Ability to easily send images and video anywhere through an internet connection. IP camera is Two ways communication with ability to send alerts or notifications.


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