Google Apps
Discover a better way of working

Google Apps for Business is an amazing set of tools for businesses who want to optimise and streamline their email, data and document handeling. It has a variety of collaboration, backup, and ease of use features that just can’t be found in traditional software packages.

4 Millions businesses gone Google, This is why: 

  • Emails
    Access emails from anywhere using the simple and powerful GMail interface, offline access available, security of cloud storage backup, 7GB+ of storage, world class spam protection and contacts integration.
  • Calendar
    Integration with smart phones, on-hand access to your schedule, reminders and selective sharing with colleagues and friends.
  • Documents
    Powerful Google Docs abilities, with selective sharing amongst your colleagues and users, and easy export and embed to various file formats.
  • Management
    All email accounts can be centrally managed and setup, allowing you to setup redirects and various account features. No longer do you need to make outlook ‘play nice’ with server setting and pop3 accounts, all you need is a username and password and you are good to go.