Desktop Central is management software, that allows managing servers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and all desktops – with its Configurations – in the network from a central location. These configurations help administrators to maintain security and to standardize the desktops easily and remotely.

Desktop Central features

1- Automate your patch management

2- Enable collaboration with remote controls

3- Deploy software across the organization

4- Simplify asset management

5- Manage mobile devices and enable BYOD

6- Protect against data loss and mitigate risks

7- Supports Most of operating Systems

8- An Easy web-based user interface

9- Patch Management

10- Software Deployment

11- Mobile Device Management (MDM)

12- Mobile Application management (MAM)

13- Asset Management

14- Remote Control

15- Power Management

16- USB Device Management

17- Configuration

How does Desktop Central protect you from attack

  • Desktop Central is an integrated desktop and mobile device management software, that allows you to automatically patch Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints and perform various other operations to secure your network against cyber-attacks.
  • The biggest cyber attacks such as Wannacry, Petya, XData, SambaCry, and Fireball could have all been avoided with Desktop Central!.