How to protect your systems from WannaCrypt ransomware attack

During the last few hours, The world was in a big crisis after “WannaCrypt ransomware” attack. More than 213,000 systems have been attacked in 99 Countries all over the world in USA, UK, China, Italy, …etc.

Once Ransomware ends your Computer or device, it will encrypt all your data and you will have no access to it. Then the software will ask you for paying money to decrypt your data. It will ask you to pay with Bitcoin.

Ransomware WannaCrypt can attack your device if it is Mac, Windows ( Especially XP and Vista), Linux, and also the mobile operating systems such as android.

To be safe from “Ransomware WannaCrypt” follow these steps:

  1. – Backing up all your data and keep it far from any internet source
  2. – Make update for your operating systems on the mobile and PC
  3. – Don’t make download to any of files, attachment from UN trusted email or website
  4. – Download apps, programs from their official and trusted website

If you have been attacked, FBI advise not to pay for the hackers to get back your data.

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