What is Autom Mate ?

Do you hesitate to choose the best automation tool? Don’t worry! everything you need related to Automation is already existing in the Autom Mate solution. Let us explain more about it. Automation is important for all business categories and not only in factors but also in IT Services, workflow automation, and Self-Service systems. Providing automation to your enterprise will be advantageous for company owners, employees, and customers because it costs less time and money.

What is Autom Mate solution?

Autom Mate Solution or autommate.com is a web-based automation platform developed to help you create auto processes & ITSM integrations for your business. whenever the process exists in the Cloud or On-Premises and whatever the user’s technical level is. Autom Mate solution has ready-to-use actions that are appropriate for your company’s expanding scale in the future. The user can easily design automation processes with drag and drop menu. This makes designing the auto processes fast, easy, and less costly to do. This kind of IT product adds value to your IT admins because they won’t do routine works manually, So get the time for more critical tasks.

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Powerful Service Engagement Experience

What was impossible yesterday, is finally possible today. Fragmented data systems are unified making integration easy as pie. The powerful automation tool (Autom Mate solution) is not only a technical manner but also transforms the entire workflow. For instance, in customer support workflow is not only addressed by queries. It could work with customer relationship management (CRM) to provide high-quality service. Or any other workflows such as marketing and management, create integrations with chatbots like WhatsApp, MS Team, and Slack. It ensures that every single piece of data or component is communicating in harmony.

Service Operations

You will say goodbye to various manual tasks like asset management, on-boarding and off-boarding. Integration platforms like ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, and Jira are great for incident management. Auto Mate solution helps you with those platforms to optimal tracking, license handling managing warranty, and converting 50% of manual tasks to full automotive.

Why Auto Mate solution is Important?

There are many advantages of using the Auto Mate solution:

  1. Accomplish works and tasks to be done in an automotive manner.
  2. Perform tasks consistently and rapidly across different technologies using team-based solutions.
  3. Keep pace with increasing the infrastructure scale.
  4. Get time to focus on high-value initiatives.
  5. Remove the possibility of mistakes and risks from regular tasks.
  6. Keep ahead of operating expenses and difficulties.

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Autom Mate solution in Depth


The Autom mate solution contains many components, and here are the most important of them: Autom Center: This is the main center in which management is available and where automatic processes are designed, edited, and monitored. This part consists of several branches, namely: Autom, the control and monitoring panel, libraries, Triggers, the artificial intelligence laboratory, and finally the administration and list settings.

  • Autom: It is an automation system that allows you to design your automated processes as it has unlimited features. Each Autom is linked to a trigger as well as a Mate agent to implement the process that was designed.
  • Triggers: The main engine of automation in the Autom mate program, as it allows automatic operation when a specific event occurs. After creating an Autom, the type of trigger must be chosen. It can also be set as daily, weekly, or once a week. It should also be noted that the events do not have to be manual, they may come from third-party alerts such as IT Service Management (ITSM) or IT Operations Management applications.
  • Mate Agent: A program responsible for performing routines, and repetitive processes in the background without the need for manual activation.


The architecture of the Autom Mate solution consists of 7 main components. When you use the platform, you will notice a menu on the left in which there is the main panel, then monitoring and alerts, then the store, environment, management and finally settings.

Monitoring in the Autommate platform

The monitoring section of the program allows you to control the movement of added operations, giving you a comprehensive view of the accomplishments to which the operations have been completed, their number and date, and which of them have ended or started, with full details about that.

  • Ongoing processes: The processes in progress are shown, and the data for each automatic process is shown, such as the name of the process, the name of the waiting group, the type of process, and the start time.
  • Waiting processes: It shows the processes in the queue, indicating their name, the name of the user who manages them, and their type.
  • History of completed operations: Displays the history of operations that have already been completed, indicating their name, status if they succeeded or failed, start and end times, and other details.
  • Scheduled Working Hours: Shows the running flow of operations as per schedule.
  • Page Tools: There are three tools in the Autom Mate solution to help organize workflow automation, the first of which is searching and customizing the display, the filter to filter specific users and many others.

Alerts in Autom Mate solution

The system sends notifications regarding some cases related to automatic operations and also indicates the user who owns the operation; The Notifications pane exists as a headline where all notifications appear and the most recent notification is at the top of the list in order. There are many fields that describe the alert, such as the process name, status, time the alert was sent, and details about that incident.

Autom Store

You may be thinking about the efforts you may make or have concerns about the complexities in building a series of automated processes that suit your daily tasks from zero, so do not worry anymore, what you intend to design may already exist in this section. It is a big store that allows you to find workflow automation processes such as ready-made templates and libraries that will suit your needs and save you time.

Management unit

It is the part in which operations are carried out for each user and his privileges in the Autom Mate solution. The management module can be used to complete the following tasks:

  1. User Management: This section is very important and its task is to implement and manage roles, users, and the processes of distributing powers and authorization.
  2. Application Programming Interface (API) and Webhook: The Webhook is responsible for automatically activating events without the need to send requests by other programs. In this section, the Webhook is effectively created and managed.
  3. Notification Manager: This section makes sure that you receive instant notifications of statuses.

Settings in Autom Mate solution

Administrators in the Autom Mate solution system can adjust and customize general settings as they wish, such as exporting SSL certificates, changing the interface language or server port, and also adjusting email server settings.

Using the Autom mate system is a smart and economical idea that will increase productivity in your company. We should also point that Autom Mate solution has clients from all over the world, most well-known are Suzuki and Mitsubishi, which indicates its reliability.

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