SIEM Solution

Breaching data, cybercrimes, hacking network systems, and losing points of access are all of these incidents that happen all the time because of the lack of security. And you don’t have any idea of how much these cost business. 

If you already have a defense base in your enterprise system, just let me know how satisfied you have been with its service?

SIEM Solution

The answer to preventing all possible attacks and enhancing your security infrastructure lies in SIEM. However, a few companies, barely %29, are already getting value from their capabilities.


What it’s exactly and why the SEIM industry is worth $2 Billion, according to 541 Research Institution.


What is the meaning of  SIEM?

Security information and event management (SIEM) It’s an integrated system that collects log files, security alerts, and events into one platform. So, the security team can quickly analyze data for different business objectives. Obtaining this data can state what the researchers should do and which actions they should consider in the next step.

SIEM is not a new technology. On the contrary, this solution has been around for over a decade. Still, it has evolved dramatically over time, offering a practical foundation for any company to start investing in improving its technology stack.


How Does SIEM Work?

The volume of data created by the security system is progressive. Analysts should follow up on all information to develop insightful reports to help business owners take appropriate actions. However, taking this approach will be time-consuming, and sensitive data can be lost. Imagine that a cyber security team has to check out individual security products to investigate and spot threats.

Thanks to the data security of the ecosystem, it’s a thing of the past since SIEM will help your data be stored centrally. 

In simple words, SIEM acts as a log management software specialized in security. Connecting to security programs like endpoint security, firewalls, and other intrusion detection systems, It collects all logging and alert information to identify the level of security of your network.

It’s a life-saver for many businesses. It offers powerful log search features and the ability to define the alert setting in line with rules and reports organizations establish.


Why is SIEM Important?

Combining the SIEM tools, which include security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM), creating an advanced system (SIEM) helps cyber security teams monitor and analyze events to understand any vulnerabilities or attacks origin.

Not just that, the overseeing process offers real-time tracking of any access to the network which might target log to security data. 

SIEM represents the core functionality of how to protect your network from hacks and increasing threats.

Furthermore, this security system will help cyber professionals keep their eyes on any possible attacks by triggering actions in compliance with various regulations.

More critical is that SIEM works as a seasoned analytic specialist that will easily detect any normal and abnormal behaviors inside your network. It will enable the incident responder to automate the quarantine action to find where the malware originated without even logging into the endpoint security system. All activities are just in one place, cutting all redundancy and confusion. 

The integrated event management will help you as well respond to any incidents. In addition, this system can reach any technology assets of your enterprise, including databases, servers, and devices, to ensure the safety of your sensitive data. 


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