SIEM awareness

SIEM is the abbreviation for Security Information and Event Management which is an advanced program to enhance awareness about security within a corporate, especially for IT employees. This concept reflects the marriage of security information management (SIM) with security event management (SEM) to have a powerful security operations center (SOC).

However, there needs to be more clarity about security systems that might impede modernizing the healthy work environment.

So, don’t let myths mislead you when updating your system to be more secure, and keep reading to understand what SIEM is about.

What is SIEM Awareness?

As we said, it’s the short name for security information and event management. But what does this mean, and why should you care?

Well, it’s a solution that helps organizations leverage awareness about their security status by detecting, analyzing, and having accurate insights about security threats. These solutions enhance the process of identifying any possible harm to the system and ensure the company network complies with 

security standards.

SIEM is designed to alarm companies about possible vulnerabilities that might harm their operations and hinder their business objectives.

Undoubtedly, data protection and cementing systems to halt cyber threats are critical for businesses in the digital landscape.  

How does SIEM Work?

As SIEM has been built to boost cyber incident management through analyzing data in real-time and gathering all relevant information about historical security, including event data and different sources, you need to know how it works to harness its capabilities. 

The system generally offers comprehensive protection for any company that boosts incident response capabilities. That’s how you can build upon a solid security center that provides powerful features to detect, investigate, and identify threats. That means you can respond appropriately and qualify your software for correct remediation activities.

So, how can you handle all these tasks?

No, it’s not the right answer for now because you already have one dashboard to monitor all activities within your network, making it super easy and more efficient. It brings enterprises together to make everything more visible, including the devices and apps connected to your system.

There is no room for speculation.

What about data? How does the SIEM awareness system find them?

It’s a complicated process in which the system collects and combines all needed information from sources and events across your organization’s IT infrastructure. It includes networks, firewalls, servers, host systems, antivirus programs, and other security extensions.   

Why is SIEM awareness important?

No. The right question is, “Why is SIEM awareness so important?”

Well, here is the shortcut answer to why you should consider SIEM when investing in security systems.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Giving the ability to analyze all events
  • Recording all security data for further audit
  • Tracking all activities for compliance
  • Identifying any possible vulnerabilities and threats 
  • Reducing security drawbacks that might disrupt your business
  • Reducing human mistakes and other potential behavior anomalies that might harm your business
  • Taking advantage of AI to automate many routines or repeatable processes related to incident response
  • Creating a checklist of threat detection practices to be processed every day by automated tools

How to Implement SIEM in Your System

Thankfully, you can find SEIM solutions for your organization regardless of industry and size to support your cybersecurity system and detect any risks. Also, you can customize your solution for your regulatory standards. 

How to make it happen:

  • Set your goals and define what requirements and necessities you need before SIEM deployment
  • Connect with the provider to offer the most suited solution for your case.
  • They will run a test
  • The system will start gathering data
  • The outsourced team will create an adequate response plan
  • You will get reports and know the areas that need improvement and enhancement.

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