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It happens all the time. You are talking about something, and the first thing you will find once you log in to your social media account is that you’re just chatting with your friend.

Many questions are popping into your mind. All of them are true.

They are tracking your activity over the internet, trying to find a mutual pattern between your interests and your search behavior, and most of the time, they are doing a great job.

Of course, there is no coincidence. All social media platforms are companies running capital, investment, and resources. They want to please their stakeholders.

The only goal of their stakeholders is to make sales.

If you get rid of these recommendations and copies that are taking advantage of all features to allure you to pay money for their relevant products, here you can find 4 simple ways you can use right now to protect your data online.

Protect Your Data Online

What is the most precious thing today? 

Neither gold nor oil. It’s data. You should take your data protection seriously by implementing these 4 steps.

Install the Right VPN Application 

Our lives are intertwined with technology. That means protecting our data has become more crucial than ever. Using a reliable one will safeguard your online activities and ensure your sensitive information’s privacy and security.

So, what exactly is VPN?

Simply put, it’s like a cloak of invisibility for your internet connection.

When you connect to a VPN server, all the data passing between your device and the website you’re visiting becomes encrypted.

This means that even if someone manages to intercept this data, they won’t be able to decipher it without the encryption key. Moreover, you gain additional anonymity online by masking your IP address with one from the VPN provider’s server location.

Stop Sharing Sensitive Information

When sharing personal information online, take a step back and consider what might happen in the worst-case scenario.

Today, the line between our virtual and real lives is increasingly blurred.

We feel compelled to share our daily activities. We willingly expose ourselves to a world that never forgets with each click, like, and share.

It may seem harmless at first—posting pictures of our meals or updating statuses about weekend plans—but every tidbit of information we put out there chips away at the fortress of privacy we so desperately need.

By oversharing personal details on social media platforms and other websites, we unwittingly invite potential threats into our lives. Cybercriminals are constantly lurking in the shadows, ready to exploit any vulnerability.

Clear Cookies and Cache 

Frequently, delete your search history and clean up after visiting websites which use cookies to save your browsing activities (unfortunately, all websites are using this now!)

As we navigate the vast cyberspace, websites track our every move, collecting valuable data about our preferences and habits. These digital footprints are stored in two nefarious places: cookies and caches.

Cookies act as tiny spies that infiltrate our browsers, monitoring which sites we visit, what products we browse, and even how long we stay on each page.

Meanwhile, the cache is a digital memory bank that stores images and files from websites for faster loading upon revisiting them. While these features enhance the user experience by tailoring content to individual tastes and speeding up browsing sessions, they pose serious privacy threats.  

Use End-to-End Encrypted Messaging Platforms

Sending private messages is the safest way to communicate. But no one knows who is spying on you. 

Thankfully, the most popular chatting applications now use end-to-end encrypted technology to keep your messages in a hidden tunnel away from scammers.

So, check out their privacy policy before downloading any application.   

Need help integrating a complete security system into your business? 

IT Pillars should be your assistant. Throughout our long years of experience in software and improving corporate networking, you can invest in our cyber security solutions to preserve your data, harness the power of technology for your productivity’s sake, and build a robust getaway for better communication between your team.

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