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If you aim to empower your company in this fierce competition environment, you need to invest in the latest technologies. Android Enterprise offers an innovative way to streamline your business. It gives you access to a suite of valuable APIs and IT solutions customized to your Android device’s needs for enterprise management. 

Not just that, but it’s a comprehensive program that comes with fully integrated management and security tools, offering an agile method for developers to manage Android devices with all secure functions. 

So, investing in software already supported by Android Enterprise will significantly benefit your organization. 

In this article, we will learn how to use it and why you should care.

Why Should You Invest in ManageEngine’s Android Enterprise?

Android enterprise solutions can help your device management by gaining access to all capabilities, including permission requests, and facilitating deep integrations.

Also, it will leverage your operations by easing configuration for VPN and Wi-Fi and setting restrictions on such privileges as resetting the factory. 

But what will you get from Mobile Device Manager Plus?

This software will enhance your device management by outperforming productivity and security functions. Here’s what you will get:

Android Management API: By providing a centralized platform for managing Android devices, this API enables companies to enforce security policies, deploy apps remotely, and ensure compliance across their entire device fleet. Also, the Android Management API allows businesses to customize the user experience on their employees’ devices by configuring settings such as network access, application permissions, and even branding elements. 

Create a profile for every company device: It enables IT specialists to work profiles for each company member for a personalized experience. At the same time, the organization has complete control over apps and data distribution throughout devices.

Bulk enrollment: It refers to the process of enrolling multiple devices simultaneously into an Android management system. This means no more tedious manual setup for each device, saving time and reducing the margin for error.

With bulk enrollment, businesses can accelerate the onboarding process for new devices, ensuring all necessary configurations, security protocols, and business-specific applications are automatically installed. This boosts productivity and enhances data security by ensuring uniform compliance across all company-owned devices.

Kiosk mode: It refers to a feature that allows businesses to restrict their devices to a specific application or set of applications. This means the devices can only be used for particular purposes, such as customer self-service terminals or digital signage.

This is incredibly important for businesses as it provides control and security over company-owned devices, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information and ensuring employees stay focused on their tasks.

Work with a trusted partner: Choosing ManageEngine means working with a professional team with top-notch knowledge and skills to support your experience and answer all your queries. All ManageEngine products have undergone rigorous tests for the highest security and efficiency.
Get decent customer support: working with ManageEngine means you have a professional technical consultant on your side. You will have a group of talents to help you with any unforeseen issues. 

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