ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

ManageEngine password manager Pro is powerful password Management and IT security software helping users to handle all features of a system access management.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro


ManageEngine password manager Pro consists of three models which manage remote and privileged sessions, this system is provided by tools and some features allow users to have full and effective password management in the entire organization using a central protected password store. Administrations are allowed to set password policies as they want and control user access to passwords and shared resources. One of the best ManageEngine password manager features is encrypting all user accounts, and storing them in one place, Then securing your system from authorization access through this tool you can avoid security threats, in addition, to prevent hacks in the same time of preventing compatibility issues.


Why should you use ManageEngine Password Manager Pro – 3 reasons.

The password manager is the best choice to help your company or organizations at:

  1. Prevent password misuse.
  2. Improve the safety behaviors of employees.
  3. Protect the access to accounts which include sensitive information about the companies, organizations, and customers.


ManageEngine Password Manager Pro features – License options

There are 3 types of licenses in ManageEngine Password Manager Pro:

  1. Download the program for 30-days for evaluation, it can support 2 administrators at maximum, so you will be able to test the features of the Enterprise Edition.
  2. A free version of the software supports a single administrator and manages more than 10 resources forever.
  3. Registered Edition – The license is centered on two factors: 1- Edition sort: Standard Premium or Enterprise. 2- Number of Admins.


How strong are your security passwords on Password Manager Pro?

Ensuring your secure password storing and providing protection against intrusion are obligatory requirements for privileged account security, ManageEngine Password Manager Pro allows the following functions to reach required security methods: Passwords entered are encrypted using advanced encryption standards with storing in the database, so any attempt to hack the passwords from the database is less expected. Functions of the AES algorithm have been recommended and approved by the US government as one of the encryption standards. The detailed role-based user authentication mechanism ensures that users can only view passwords based on the authentication which was provided. All the transactions in the browser of ManageEngine Password Manager Pro are executed over HTTPS.


ManageEngine Password Manager Pro features

1- Manage your privileged password using password manager Pro
  • Discover, organize and store: store and organize your special identities in a central data vault.
  • Share safely: Securely share administrative passwords with your team based on needs.
  • Reset automatically: Automate the reset of passwords for databases, servers, network devices, or other resources.
  •  Access Control: Control the access to applications and IT resources based on job duties and roles.
  • Provide direct connection: Allow for direct contact with remote applications, websites, and IT resources.
  • Recording and review: Video recording and review of every privileged access with submitting a full report of all actions.
2- Passwords Storage, management, and workflow
  • Central vault for passwords

Store all passwords, privileged, shared, and alert accounts, or any other accounts of your organization in a safe place, a centralized protected vault.

  • Common administrative passwords management

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro manages the shared accounts securely such as “Administrator” on Windows OS, “Root” on Unix/Linux, “enable” account in Cisco, and “sa” on SQL databases.

  • Workflow of the access control to passwords

Controls of requesting password recovery, exclusive powers, and synchronization with time-limited access.

3- Share passwords and run user service and management

Access permissions of passwords and sharing:

  • Only one specific ownership of passwords which are stored in the central vault.
  • Specific sharing of passwords based on needs.

LDAP Integration / AD – Active Directory Import users and user groups from Windows Active directory or LDAP. Take the advantage of the authentication mechanism. Role-based access controls Detailed constraints on resources management and passwords stored in PMP, Restrictions are applied based on predefined user roles.

4- Remote password reset
  • Automatic password reset

One of the effective ManageEngine Password Manager Pro features is resetting passwords for remote resources using the web interface as often as needed automatically through scheduled tasks.

  • A wide range of target systems

It supports a lot of target systems, databases, and network devices for access control.

  • Password Management in integrated applications

Any application or even a script can query on PMP and recover passwords for communication with other databases or applications, then reduce built-in passwords.

  • Manage Windows service accounts

Determine and set passwords automatically for service accounts associated with the domain accounts.

  • Custom password reset script execution

An option to execute custom scripts automatically to perform any action after the reset passwords procedure.

5- Manage privileged or remote sessions and automatic registration
  • Remote registration

Users can start secure, reliable SSH, Windows RDB, and Telnet sessions entirely from the web browser without using any kind of proxy or plug-in.

  • Recording privileged sessions

With this ManageEngine Password Manager Pro feature, you can record Privileged sessions triggered by PMP, also archive and replay for analytical review processes.

  • Automatically registration for target systems and websites

Login into target systems applications and websites automatically from PMP web without copying/pasting the passwords.

6- Review, Compliance, and Reports
  • Exhaustive audit logs and reports

Complete record including who has used passwords. what they did do with it exactly? and when they used them. Easy-use reports on each password management scenario.

  • Real-time notifications, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) integration

Get real-time notifications about different password events, then find out solutions and integrations.

7- Totally secured and ready to use
  • Very safe and reliable

The best ManageEngine Password Manager Pro features all passwords and sensitive information are encrypted with AES 256-bit advanced encryption system, also double encryption to add more security layer, in addition, It can be configured to run in FIPS 140-2 compatible mode.

  • Two-factor authentication

Implement two successive stages of authentication for PMP registration. Regular authentication is the first stage and several options are available for the second stage.

  • Portable devices access

Recover passwords and accept requests on mobile applications with offline access. These applications are available for Windows, iPhone, and Android.

8- Event detection and high accessibility
  • Live backup

Specific for Live and scheduled back-up on the entire database for disaster detection.

  • High accessibility structure

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro gives accessibility to organization passwords through release license distribution is considered enough for high accessibility.

  • Secure offline access

You can recover passwords even when you are offline, this offline version is completely as safe as the online one, available for mobile devices too.

If you need to learn more about ManageEngine Password Manager Plus features, contact us to get more details of this solution.