ManageEngine PAM360 is such a popular software because organizations use it as a privileged access management solution, coming with huge features.

ManageEngine PAM360

Firstly let us know what is PAM ManageEngine.

First of all, you should know what PAM does mean, to fully understand what the ManageEngine PAM360 is used for. PAM stands for “Privileged Access Management”. every security system provides different levels of access to all users, one has high control other has low, why? This depends on their work needs in the system for example only admin accounts have the ability to access “System Settings”. So at least every user in the system should have access to what he needs, no more, for avoiding security breaches and violating privacy.

Overview of ManageEngine PAM360

ManageEngine PAM360 is a good privileged access management security solution for companies and organizations’ IT teams, making it easy to manage privileged access governance. ManageEngine PAM360 helps enterprises to pass audit and compliance processes by providing different out-of-box reports.

ManageEngine PAM360 features

Secure enterprise credentials: Privileged user credentials are profitable for attackers, so last year hackers became not need to hack users’ accounts, just discovering which credentials are weak enough to take advantage and gain access to valuable information. Also, one of PAM360’s features that stores credentials of privileged accounts into a very secure vault offers role-based access permissions, AES-256 encryption, and centralized management. in addition to automatic scanning and discovering privileged accounts in different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, AD, VMWare, Also include an option to set time frame and password discovery attempt limits.

Safe remote access: Allow privileged users to easily remote hosts without endpoint agents, helper programs, and browser plug-ins. PAM360 ManageEngine makes smarter remote access using Leverage native browser extensions and mobile apps.

Just-in-time privilege elevation: set just-in-time controls for domain accounts by providing them higher privileges only if it is necessary by users, furthermore revoke permissions of the account after a set period with reset the password to give more security.

Privileged session tracking: Manage privileged user actions to achieve dual control on privileged access and session shadowing capabilities, and support investigative audits by capturing and archiving sessions as video files.

Privileged user behavior analytics: Get advantages of AI and Machine learning for anomaly detection, to fast discover abnormal activities which may occur by privileged accounts.

Context-aware event correlation: Consolidate privileged access data with events of endpoints to increase visibility and situational awareness, terminate blind spots in security incidents and make intelligent decisions.

Audit and compliance: capture all events about privileged accounts activities with accurate audit, stay ever-ready for compliance with built-in reports.

Comprehensive reporting: PAM360 ManageEngine provides setting unique and schedulable reports on users’ access and activity, also generating others of your choice.

DevOps protection: Combine password security into the DevOps pipeline and secure your integration and delivery platforms against credential-based attacks.

System integration of ticketing: Bolster workflow processes for accessing privileged accounts using ticket ID validation.

SSH key management: Find SSH devices in your network, create new SSH pair keys with PAM360 ManageEngine and deploy it to endpoints with a single click, in addition to enforcing policies for automated periodic key rotation.

SSL certificate management: protect your online brand reputation by managing SSL certificates, and Integrating with well-known certificate authorities such as GoDaddy, Let’s Encrypt..etc.

Application credential security: Sanitize communications among applications using secure APIs, which eliminate the need for credential hard-coding, and avoid attackers who use backdoors in your server.

Why do enterprises need PAM solutions?

Privileged access abuse is one of the critical security challenges for enterprises, especially in distributed environments. According to nodal cybersecurity agency CERT-In in India, in the first 2 months of 2022, there were over 2000 cybersecurity incidents reported by the country! So there are some reasons for enterprises to use ManageEngine PAM360 or any other Privileged access management software:

  • The importance of privileged accounts: Usually this kind of user has unique permissions and capabilities in the system, so the wrong use of those accounts can lead to a big problem.
  • Ability to take control of access: as usual you will assume that privileged users are going to know what they do, but unfortunately this is not what happens in the scene! So it is so important to monitor and audit all access processes that occur by privileged accounts.
  • Internal and external attacks protection: Due to the skills that privileged users often have, and the huge numbers of insider attacks around the world, it’s necessary to manage Privileged activities to avoid violations, besides external attacks which need to be denied from critical permissions.
  • Reduce risk and Automated response: ManageEngine PAM360 will be so convenient because the program will reduce privileged access management administrative burden on IT teams, PAM automatically manages passwords, access, and sessions for system admins.

Currently, ManageEngine PAM360 has become one of the favorite solutions for a lot of companies, to enhance their cybersecurity lifecycle.

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