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Log management and SIEM are very important for security.Discover Log360 manageEngine solution needs and features.

What does log management and SIEM mean?

SIEM refers to Security Information and Event Management which means the solution that analyzes and aggregates activities from several resources at your enterprise IT infrastructure. This kind of software solution (such as ManageEngine Log360) can gather security data from servers, domain controllers and network devices, then SIEM tools store and apply analytics in the data to discover trends, monitor threats and enable accurate investigation for alerts. Furthermore, SIEM captures event and data logs for users in the entire organization network, including assets, cloud environment applications and more, this kind of information is going to help SOC to avoid cybersecurity threats.

What is ManageEngine log360?

ManageEngine Log360 is one of the popular SIEM solutions which helps companies with monitoring and network security management. In addition to auditing Active Directory changes, and logging devices. Log360 combines functionality of some major ManageEngine Solution for example EventLog Analyzer, Cloud Security Plus and ADAudit Plus and more. Besides, Users can track any change in Active Directory in the real time with saving logs for future needs, also automatic report generation on Azure and Exchange Online, provide access into Azure and AWS cloud infrastructure, then in case risk detection users will be notified in real time.

Top log360 solution features

Detection of threats

Protect your network against malicious intruders. Threat intelligence, Every enterprise needs to set an efficient plan for threats detections to face cybersecurity challenges, so Log360 ManageEngine covers all threats sides in the network including endpoints, security events and network threats.

  1. Monitoring Privileged User: Auditing privileged logins and logouts, and detect unusual user activities.
  2. Detect any privilege escalation: Discover any privileged abuse.
  3. Investigate any suspicious authentication failure.
  4. Fast detection of unauthorized data access.
  5. Log360 will detect malicious IP addresses and URLs.
  6. Monitor Traffic in the network.
  7. Protect your organization from Ransomware and Malwares in endpoints devices.

Attacks detection

Cyber attacks are one of the major dilemmas in the cybersecurity world so, if you are looking for a good Attack detection then ManageEngine Log360 will do the trick.

  • Malware attacks: it detects the presence of malware in the network using predefined correlation rules then alerts security admins . Also, schedules a timeline for investigations.
  • Detecting data exfiltration: Use MITRE to prevent your business from breaches and advanced attacks.
  • Detect malicious insiders: with Log360 ManageEngine you can use machine learning to identify bad intruders.

Integrated CASB

ManageEngine Log360 has integration CASB (Cloud access security broker) capabilities which helps you solve cloud security problems. There are 4 pillars for CASB Log360 has already covered them, compliance management, threat protection, enhanced visibility in the cloud events and facilitating identity monitoring in the cloud. Enterprises need CASB integrations for following reasons:

  • To get alerts in time: if an attacker plays with your cloud deployment, then Log360 will send security alerts.
  • Identify shadow applications and control them.
  • Get accurate analytics about your cloud events: Track every single thing at your cloud.

Integrated DLP

Log360 ManageEngine allows you to determine unusual data or file access, cut suspicious connections to command and server. It can integrate with Endpoint DLP Plus too. Finally, protect data from being exfiltrated.

  • Data leak protection: monitoring security threats continuously will avoid data breach.
  • Sensitive data discovery: every big company stores millions of sensitive data, then it has to be so informed about this data, for example “Where they are stored”. 
  • Data risk assessment: classifying the data depends on its level of sensitivity.
  • Ransomware detection: Defend your company against ransomware attacks.
  • Cloud data security: data security on cloud is more complex than protecting it on-premises data. So Log360 ManageEngine provides high quality security for clouds.
  • Complying with regulatory mandates to secure data.

Security analytics in real time

Just a few seconds may be enough for attackers to exfiltrate sensitive data. Therefore, you should use ManageEngine Log360 security analytics capabilities to not only discover such threats in real time but also resolve them.


SOAR means “Security orchestration, automation and response”. With Log360 ManageEngine, you can use automation and response SOAR platform.

  1. Simplify incident management with ITIL tool integration.
  2. Automate workflows, ticket assignment and threat remediation.
  3. Suspend all suspicious activities immediately.
  4. Workflow customization.

Integrated compliance management

Meet compliance requirements easily.

  • Predefined templates.
  • Backtrack security incidents using incident timelines.
  • Forensic analysis.


Secure your system using user behavior intelligence, to defend against account compromise and insider threats.

  • Behavior analytics: detecting suspicious activities from users and entities in your network.
  • Grouping users based on their activities.
  • Risk management integration.

Log360 for SOC

Log360 provides a comprehensive SIEM for your SOC. Log360 ManageEngine to face SOC challenges.

  • Minimizes the time to resolve risks.
  • Decreases the time to detect incidents.
  • Simplifies scaling for large environments.
  • Increases the visibility of security events.
  • Reduces the false positives.

Why is ManageEngine Log360 the best for SOC?

There are five reasons that made Log360 the best solution for Security Operations Center.

  1. Attack defense: Log360 ManageEngine is reducing security risks using automotive incident responses and developing incident workflows synchronizing with alerts. integrates with ITIL solutions to ensure incident resolution accountability.
  2. Integrated compliance management: Protect your data from security breaches by analyzing logs and meet regulatory compliance requirements such as FISMA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS and ISP 27001.
  3. Proactive threat detection: Identify malicious actors and possible hidden attacks which slipped through security defenses using advanced threat analytics and insights attackers techniques.
  4. Real-time monitoring: with Log360 ManageEngine you will be able to monitor all security events compiled from Windows and Unix/Linux machines, Oracle and SQL databases, web servers and security devices like routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems through interactive dashboards, graphs and out-of-the-box reports.

Threat detection instantly: ManageEngine Log360 solution has accurate and fast security detection techniques for instance event log correlation, , threat feed analysis to identify malicious IPs and URLs, and machine learning combined with user behavior analysis to identify insider threats.

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