ManageEngine Identity Manager Plus

ManageEngine Identity Manager Plus

ManageEngine Identity Manager Plus is one of the best Zoho products to provide identity access management services, but what does that mean? and is it advantageous?


ManageEngine Identity Manager Plus


What does identity management mean?

Identify Management (IdM), or IAM stands for identity and access management, known as the technology which ensures that only the authorized users or people in your system have the access to resources depending on their job needs. Also, both IAM and IdM systems are a part of security and IT Data Management, those identity management solutions (such as ManageEngine Identity Manager Plus ) not only protect data and software, but also hardware resources like networks, servers, storage devices from any unauthorized access in the organization. So Identity management helps you to avoid ransomware attacks. Actually, people think that IAM and IdM are the same, however, Identity management focuses on the user identity including the groups of users, roles, and permissions, and IdM focuses on protecting identities using multi-factor auth, biometrics, passwords..etc.


Overview of ManageEngine Identity Manager Plus

Identity Manager Plus is one of the cloud-based and single sign-on ManageEngine products, it’s a good solution for enterprises to provide users easy and secure access to business applications, and this will be so helpful in case of having a lot of several apps in the organization.


IAM vs IdM

There is no big difference between Identity Management and Access Management, but still, both concepts are dissimilar.

  • Identity management for authentication users.
  • On the other hand Access Management for authorizing users.


However, some people see authentication and authorization concepts also confusing to understand. In short, authentication is a process of verifying someone or something’s identity (They really are), and this requires something related to the user such as biometrics or he only knows it like a password. Authorization only determines what is the level of access and permissions you need to have after login.


Features of Identity Manager Plus

  • Manage access to enterprise applications centrally if they’re on-premises (in the premises of the enterprise) or software such as SaaS.
  • Audit access and usage:  ManageEngine Identity manager plus can gain insights into applications usage and user access deeply, in addition to administrator behaviors through built-in reports.
  • Comprehensive SSO solution: allow to enable single sign-on (SSO) for any applications which support OAuth SAML or OpenID protocol connected including your internal apps.
  • Easy management: you can add or remove multiple users, and also grant and revoke access to apps with just a single click.
  • Provide integrations with some directories and applications: Users can log in using their existing credentials:
  1. G-Suite.
  2. Microsoft 365.
  3. AD (Active Directory)
  4. Salesforce.
  5. Zendesk.
  6. Zoho Directory.
  7. Slack.

Why do you need identity access and management in business?

  • Administration time saver: If users could access their workspace and databases easily then the issues will decrease and save time for the administration.


  • Decrease service costs: Actually, if any business invests in Identity management, or others why use ManageEngine Identity manager plus, invest in itself budget.


  • Information sharing: Among different people and large groups, information may be lost or confused, so sharing it becomes more difficult.



  • Simplicity: Identity Access and Management Reduce the time of registration for users to do and access directly to their workflow, this procedure decreases the possibility of errors and abuse.


  • With identity management or IAM you have only a system that’s controlled by the main platform, so this saves you from the high costs of spending money on outdated and broken systems which may require extra maintenance cyclically.
  • With identity access and management, there is a good possibility to share information.



  • Better security for enterprise: Identity Manager Plus applying identity access and management in your organization creates simplified authentication mechanisms, but that doesn’t mean less security. In contrast, IAM and IdM provide good security for your company. Besides, enterprises have the option to set up two-step verification and solid password policies, which means allowing for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to get a high-security level.


To learn more about ManageEngine Identity Manager Plus features, contact us to get more details about this solution.

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