What is the Endpoint DLP Plus solution from ManageEngine and how is it important to have data loss prevention software?

Overview of ManageEngine Endpoint DLP solution

Integrated endpoint DLP solution ManageEngine solution is one of the best Data Loss Prevention tools for enterprises designed to protect sensitive data on managed endpoint devices from data theft and disclosure using advanced DLP strategies which include discovering all types of data and classifying them, in addition, to enforce strict policies for the use and send/receive of information.

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus

What does Data Loss prevention mean?

DLP stands for Data Loss Prevention which is the practice of detecting and preventing data from being leaked, and unwanted destruction of sensitive data or another word making sure that critical information can’t be shared outside of the company scope, such as one of the employee tried to redirect sensitive-informative messages outside the corporate domain or upload files to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. So in this case those employees should be denied permission to use endpoint DLP solutions to avoid breaches. Also, Data Loss Prevention can be applied in several fields:

  • Endpoint DLP.
  • Network DLP.
  • Cloud

70% of organizations as they said are worried about breaches, but with the Data Loss Prevention solution (Endpoint DLP Plus), This kind of risk will be greatly reduced. $2.64 Million is the average total cost for organizations with less than 500 employees and every year, 34% of businesses are affected by insider threats.

Difference between network DLP and endpoint DLP

Endpoint solution protects the use & motion endpoint data by installing agents for end devices that can access and store sensitive information of the enterprise according to several predefined policies. On the other hand, Network data loss prevention tools are securing all connections and data traffic in the network, such as web applications or email, or any file moving, also Network DLP functions extend into monitoring and reporting.

Endpoint DLP Plus top features

ZOHO corp offers an Endpoint DLP solution ManageEngine solution which is full of features:

  • Offering strong classification: Endpoint DLP solution ManageEngine gives automated classifying and search for every single important information at endpoints, in addition to the ability to classify based on format, origin, keywords, and more.
  • Prevention of insider attacks: Data Loss Prevention tools are monitoring user actions to directly stop every intruder who is trying to steal information.
  • Get complete views with Endpoint DLP Plus: full discovery of all data to identify both unclassified and sensitive information, such as personal data, and financial accounts, and also discover intellectual property.
  • Cloud max protection: DLP avoids data breaches that are related to cloud computing services, for example, block transfer of sensitive data using third-party cloud storage services and monitoring browsers.
  • Secured email: with Endpoint DLP solution makes sure that data transferring are passing through trusted domains, monitoring attachments and links that are sent by email.
  • Strong data containerization: transmission of the data only on trusted applications, so users can determine applications as “trusted” then their data will not be shared with any third-party & entrusted apps anymore.
  • Device Control: Endpoint DLP Plus controls devices to deduce risks, for instance, limit transferring data using USB, with determined exceptions such as allowing the print of documents with a specific watermark.
  • Reports and alerts: Data Loss Prevention tools make you aware of all data trends and security events to enhance cybersecurity and DLP policies.
Why should you use the Endpoint DLP solution ManageEngine?

Data loss prevention is so important especially with a growing remote workforce, so vulnerabilities can spread widely besides huge numbers of end users. Furthermore, leaking company information will negatively affect the company’s reputation and probability to cause financial problems.

  1.  Detection: Use predefined templates or create your own to get you all sensitive data.
  2. Enforce: with Endpoint DLP Plus, you’ll be able to set up accurate settings, including transmission protocols.
  3. Protect: receive alerts, schedule reports and Get instant remediation options for false positives.

To learn more about ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus features, contact us to get more details about this solution.