IT Asset Management

Every morning when your IT team starts working, there are many things they have to check out to keep the workflow running smoothly. First, they need to make sure that all resources and assets of your company are in place and used appropriately. As a manager or entrepreneur, you should guarantee this work life cycle is going through without obstacles. 

But, with endless tools and products of IT, sometimes it becomes hard for your IT team to handle all these at once. There is no possibility of getting rid of one since every software has its features that help you tackle financial, security, and operational management. 

IT Asset Management

At this point, the importance of software such as IT Asset Management or ITAM comes in to promote your work activities and make your business practices go in line with the enterprise objectives.


 IT Asset Management


IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a set of business operations that integrates IT infrastructure across your company to incorporate all units within one place, according to the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM).


In other words, this management is a process to ensure that all IT assets are maintained, updated, measured, and even ready for safe disposal when the time comes.


This type of management is accounted for deploying all your IT capabilities, whatever tangible and intangible within your organization, to manage the overall practices happening in your work environment. 


But how do you know how many assets you obtain in your company?

At the beginning of time, we used to count on all elements of software and hardware, write lists, or create spreadsheets. Then we had to keep an eye on these sheets and update them from time to time, which was a massive pain for IT staff and made it likely that mistakes, risk management, and delays would happen.

Thanks to technology management tools, things have become more accessible than before. It’s a game-change for all businesses. ITAM makes it more professional and efficient by joining inventory and contractual responsibilities, including tactical and strategic measures for your assets.


Let’s go deeper and explain why you should invest in such a management system.


Why is IT Asset Management Important for Your Business?

IT Asset Management is important because of two main benefits:


  • Incidents management

ITAM will help you figure out what went wrong when an incident happens. It will save you years of distress trying to discover why the system isn’t working right.


For example, let’s say a user can not download a program he wants badly. So he opens a ticket asking for immediate help. Since IT Asset Management includes all valuable items of each user in your organization, you can just type the user’s name. All information about his assets will be displayed in a minute. Then you can discover that the issue happens because of the lack of space. 

The problem is tracked and identified, and you remove some irrelevant programs, and everything is okay now.


  • Problem Management 

When many users try to get in touch with you to complain about problems with the network system, like slow internet speeds or enterprise email that doesn’t work, you’ll get all of their messages in one place, making it easy to fix their problems. It’s a lifesaver for each one involved in this process. 


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