Google Compete with ChatGPT

Google Compete with ChatGPT

Hi future, we are ready too!

That’s what Google seemed to say to Bing and ChatGPT after the revolutionary integration. 

So, what is the deal, and how would Google react to that?

What about asking ChatGPT what it thinks about this?   

In this article we will focus on how will google compete with ChatGPT?

Here is the super chatbot answer:

According to ChatGpt itself, it doesn’t see itself as a direct competitor to Google and what it represents. Google is not just a search engine to find related topics and spot the most appetite answer to your question. 

Google is a huge technology that offers many other services, such as advertising and different products for management that have changed the human legacy for good.  

And yes, I agree with ChatGpt; harnessing the power of AI is not a new subject to Google. They have already invested aggressively in machine learning and language modules. The result was Google Assistant and Google Translate.  

But as ChatGPT has already trained to these answers since 2021, it has yet to learn what Google has already launched! 

Yes, ChatGPT, Google has mobilized all its capabilities and technologies to compete with you through a new AI chatbot available to several trusted testers and will be released to all Google users soon. 

What does Google Prepare for Us?

Google spent an intense pressure since ChatGPT was released, taking the world by storm. Next, the giant tech had to find a way to compete with this buzzy AI chatbot, and finally, the engineers of Google had something to react to this viral sensation. 

Google planned this step perfectly and developed its experimental conversational AI tool, Bard. 

Not just that, the company has intensified the competition by adding new features powered by AI to enhance the user experience while searching for any queries. 

When will it be available?

Google noted that it gave minimal and trusted external partners access to test out the new service.

The company planned to make it available to the public within weeks. Unfortunately, this statement was made early on Feb 2023, and we still need access to the new AI-powered product. 

Anyway, the company claimed to offer something unique to be ready to answer any questions, even the most complicated ones.

But it’s all talk until proven otherwise.

In fact, Google has for years used AI in different scopes behind the scenes to develop new products and offer better customers. However, the company never releases its technology to the public, and we know very little about its ChatGPT-like conventional chat service. 

Now, the rules of the game have been changed. 

OpenAI made a breakaway success once they announced their AI language-model tool, which can generate anything and everything, from simple essays for your writing test to artistry poetry, codes for new software, and even entire movie scripts.

Unsurprisingly, the software has gained more than 100 million users amassed to understand how this impressive tool works and how it can help them in their daily activities. 

Undoubtedly, this unexpected move from the startup OpenAI has nudged Google to take a step ahead to keep its users depending on its search engine as a trusted guide to find any answer.

Besides, after Microsoft announced investing more in ChatGPT for full integration with its search engine Bing, Google found itself in a tough situation. 

“We have to do something!” I see Google’s engineers said something like that.

Since ChatGPT came out, the world’s perspective on artificial intelligence power has changed. As a result, some become more excited, discussing ways to take advantage of this technology.

Others are intimidated by how this technology might threaten humanity by ending tons of jobs. ( I belonged to the second group, as it might end my writing career! Hope not.)

And now is Google!

The future outlook for Google in competing with Chat GPT remains to be determined. While Google has a robust foundation of innovation and dominance in the search engine market, Chat GPT’s advanced natural language processing capabilities give it a distinct advantage in the chatbot space.

However, Google is not one to back down from a challenge and has already made significant strides in developing its own AI and machine learning technologies. Additionally, Google’s vast amount of user data gives it an edge regarding personalization and understanding user intent.

Ultimately, only time will tell how this competition plays out.

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