vulnerability manager plus

What does vulnerability management mean?

vulnerability manager plus

First of all, we should know what exactly a vulnerability means! vulnerability can be defined as follows: “a weakness of a group or an asset could be exploited by one or more threats” (by ISO 27002), and on the other side threat is something that can exploit the vulnerability. So vulnerability management is the continuous and regular procedure to identify, assess, manage, report, and remedy the vulnerabilities in enterprise systems. So a good Vulnerability Management such as Vulnerability Manager Plus ManageEngine uses threat intelligence and knowledge of IT, in addition to business operations to set priority threats, and remediate vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

Vulnerability manager plus Overview

Vulnerability manager plus is one of ManageEngine’s products, which offers a solution for multi-OS vulnerability management and compliance with built-in remediation. Its end-to-end tool provides comprehensive coverage, rigorous assessment, continual visibility, and integral remediation of threats and vulnerabilities. Whatever endpoint in the local network, in a DMZ (demilitarized zone) or a remote or in a move, Vulnerability manager plus is a good solution to allow your distributed workforce safe conditions of work.

Vulnerability Manager Plus vs Patch Manager Plus

Both Vulnerability Manager Plus and Patch Manager Plus are providing good security for your enterprise and they are similar to each other, but there is a little difference you should know. Vulnerability Manager Plus ManageEngine is more comprehensive, because it brings all capabilities together, from vulnerability assessment to patching them, also from security configurations management of network endpoints to strengthening web servers that face the internet from a centralized console. However Patch Manager Plus is for everything related to the entire patching process including automation streamlining and customizing, this program is suitable for IT admins who are looking for a separate patch management solution.

Vulnerability manager plus ManageEngine features
  1. Available for all OS: Vulnerability Manager Plus supports all platforms, Windows, macOS, and Linux, (provide only patch management in macOS).
  2. Vulnerability assessment: Identify & assess real risks in your system and the spread of vulnerabilities in the network.
  3. Compliance: Get the benefit of built-in policies to comply with over 75 CIS standards, for the fast identity of violations and detailed insights.
  4. Patch Management: Yes, Patch managing is one of Vulnerability Manager Plus too, Simply it can download, test and deploy patches for multiple OS and more than 250 third-party applications.
  5. Network devices: Scan firmware vulnerabilities and identify threats in the network devices.
  6. Security configuration management: Deploy secured configuration to fix vulnerabilities and track drifts.
  7. Zero-day vulnerabilities: Identify zero-day vulnerabilities – disclosed but not yet patched – with pre-built tested scripts.
  8. Web Server hardening: Discover and fix expired SSL and unauthorized access to the web root directory.
  9. Software audit: Analyze and then uninstall insecure software, or which is unsupported by the vendor.
  10. Antivirus audit: Get information about absent, out-to-date, and inactive antiviruses in some systems.
  11. Port audit: Vulnerability Manager Plus keeps an eye on ports, then determines which ones are unintended or unknown.
  12. Comprehensive report: This product came with a collection of pre-defined and insightful reports, allowing you to measure, track and analyze your progress.
Why do we need Vulnerability Management in enterprises?

Many enterprises around the world rely on various Vulnerability Management software solutions, so whatever your company size, system, network, or even users can be vulnerable which may put your business at risk of attacks. If you use such as Vulnerability Manager Plus ManageEngine software, then you’ll get generally:

  • Automates patching and scanning.
  • Strengthen the confidence of clients.
  • Less cost.
  • It will grow your security program.
  • The fast response to new critical vulnerabilities.
  • Allow us to invest in security by Enhancing visibility and reporting.
  • Integration with other patching tools, such as Patch Manager Plus and Vulnerability Manager Plus ManageEngine

So you’re ready to take your company to the next level, right? We have a fully integrated package to enhance performance, manage your operations, and offer the best experience to your customers. contact us now.