Features Of ManageEngine Analytics Plus

Self-service IT analytics is one of the important needs for enterprises. So, what is ManageEngine Analytics plus solution, a full detailed article?

Features Of ManageEngine Analytics Plus

What does self-service IT analytics mean?

Self-service analytics is an intelligent business methodology that enables users of enterprise to access data, generating insights without expert assistance. Nowadays, the reliance on this technology is increasing, reporting strategies are changed and enhanced. So, this was a paradigm shift from traditional reporting techniques to decentralized, self-service software. The main use of self-service IT analytics solutions such as ManageEngine Analytics plus is to democratize access to data across the organization and doesn’t focus only on someone who is knowledgeable at data reporting.

ManageEngine Analytics plus solution aspects

ManageEngine Analytics Plus is a solution for several self-service IT.

By the function

  • ITSM with that solution: which refers to ‘IT service management, so ManageEngine Analytics plus will reduce overheating, organize support operations, and more.
    You can get many benefits from the ITSM analytics tools by preventing costly service mistakes, saving time and money with automation, and identifying and fixing money drains. Finally demonstrating business value.
  • ITOM: means IT Operations Management which is AI-enabled helping agents to discover and solve problems faster, reduce alarm noise and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), track incident investigation, and Increase agent productivity.
  • Security: Build a strong defense strategy and secure your privileged accounts with analytics, detect and investigate anomalies. provided with AI security, integrates endpoint and Password Manager Plus solutions, and more.
  • Project management: maximize productivity and boost revenue by creating better strategies for your project, simplify the work, and Predict risks.
  • Endpoint management: Prioritize endpoints in defending against cyber attacks and protect them from internal and external threats proactively.

By the industry

  • Banking: ManageEngine Analytics Plus provides a deep understanding of network and app usage. Especially at Banking enterprises that have a solid IT infrastructure.
  • MSP: stand for (managed service providers). this data analytics software is perfect for MSPs to achieve IT success.
  • Government: ManageEngine Analytics Plus is good for government organizations as well. It improves data security, enables observability using IT data analytics, digitizes & modernizes IT operations, and ensures 24/7 service availability of government services.

ManageEngine Analytics plus features

There are 9 main features in this solution:

Smart analytics

Zia assistant tool is going to help you to get quick and intelligent answers to users’ questions as reports and informative dashboards because Zia is using AI, natural artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

  • You can use contextual and voice commands, reporting with code freely.
  • Also, Zia can learn continuously to adapt to your reporting requirements, so the user has the ability to teach Zia to understand enterprise needs.
  • One of the ManageEngine Analytics Plus tools is to analyze the imported data automatically.
  • Get smart suggestions while typing your question to Zia and narrow the results.

The analysis depends on predictions

You don’t have enough information to make a good decision? Just don’t worry anymore, with ManageEngine Analytics Plus, you can get detailed insights about the predictions for example decrease or increase the budget of IT in case changes of in resources and assets.

  • Planning confidently with your IT budget using the changes predictions such as the number of employees or the next enhanced technologies.
  • Discover the security risks and plan for patches.
  • forecast the new requirements depends on the growth of your company and user requirements.

Importing data

ManageEngine Analytics Plus can import data from local files, databases, and cloud services.

  • ManageEngine Analytics Plus can import common extended files TXT, XML, JSON HTML, XLS, and CSV to start creating reports.
  • Importing from Zoho Docs, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • Importing from local databases such as MySQL, Microsoft Access PostgreSQL, and MongoDB, also cloud ones like Oracle, IBM, AWS, Sybase, and Azure.
  • Other useful functions are the ability to import from applications, and other sources and schedule the processes.

Integrations in ManageEngine Analytics Plus

efficient out-of-the-box integrations with IT applications, start getting a third-eye view into your system, network, applications, and operations, and make faster decisions as well.

  • Integrate with well-known IT applications with no complicated queries and zero codes.
  • Besides providing integration with other ManageEngine Solutions, ServiceDesk Plus, OpManager, SupportCenter Plus, Patch Manager Plus, Patch Manager Plus, Applications Manager, Mobile Device Manager Plus, PAM360, and Password Manager Pro.
Data blending

ManageEngine Analytics Plus is helping with data blending from Help desks, IT operations and endpoint management apps..etc.

  • Explore the blending: unified reporting and analysis from a single console.
  • Modeling of relational data: join tables logically, then get a coordinated view of two or more tables.
  • Get assistance from a rich mathematical and statistical library.
Advanced Analytics

ManageEngine Analytics Plus will save your time and efforts by providing great analytic features because it enables your team to have deep research in data history and make instant reports during importing.

  • Data snapshots: Analytics Plus ManageEngine captures every transition in your data for future analysis needs, then traces the history of incidents.
  • Data alerts: configuring alerts and corrective actions depends on predefined conditions.
  • duplicate reporting logic: reusing the reporting logic. so you will not need to create reports from the beginning.
Visual Analytics

Discover the hidden insights in your data, and get your answers faster by geo & pie charts and heat maps. so you will be able to keep up-to-date with in-depth trends. outliers and anomalies.

  • Choose from more than 40 visualization types for representing your data.
  • Customized dashboards, providing data stories using layout-free dashboards, inserting images, adding text, and more.
  • User-friendly interface: very simple interface! just drag and drop fields into the report builder, then see how Analytics Plus ManageEngine will build your visuals.
  • Smart interactions: give life to your reports.

With ManageEngine Analytics Plus you’re going to change the way you connect your team. alert them about security vulnerabilities and share performance updates.

  • Schedule email reports to reach your inbox directly, also create groups according to what you set.
  • Control permissions read-only / read and write report authoring, drill-down, and export.
  • Embedded analytics: Embed reports in other applications, forums, and websites
Analytics on your hand

Stay alert about what is happening in your IT department regardless of where you are, Analytics Plus ManageEngine will be always with you! Available for Mobile phones, tablets, and IPad.

  • Track all data while moving.
  • Save all important reports into a dashboard by adding them to a favorite list.
  • Share and collaborate safely with custom access control.
Why should you use ManageEngine Analytics plus?

Data Analytics software is so important, So why should you choose the Manage Engine product among other products?

  1. Filter the noise automatically: terminate false positives, assist you to triage events, and concentrate on meaningful alerts.
  2. Planning for scenarios: get advantages of prediction algorithms, run simulations, and generate to achieve goals despite environmental changes.
  3. Business Analytics: Resolve data complexities and move to an analytics engine that can scale to meet your organization reporting growth needs.
  4. Collaborative data culture: Add data decentralization and allow everyone to have useful insights securely.

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