Data breaches

How to prevent data breaches… It’s a tricky question! So many steps you should follow, and we will let you know the whole process here!


Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, with large companies such as Equifax and Yahoo falling victim in recent years. However, there are steps that both individuals and businesses can take to protect themselves from such nightmares.

Data breaches


Here are six ways to prevent data breaches.


Keep your software up to date

As technology advances, so do cybercriminals’ tricks to access personal and corporate information. That’s why it’s essential to keep your software up to date to fix any potential bugs. By running the latest version, you’re ensuring you have the high-end security features to protect your data.


And please note if your software is outdated, you’re at a greater risk of being a data breach victim. 


So don’t wait – update your software today and help keep any sensitive information safe from hackers. Many products are out there designed for this reason; contact us now for more details. 


Use strong passwords


As the world increasingly movies online, the need to protect our information has never been more critical. One of the protocols to follow to prevent data breaches is using strong passwords.




Because a data breach is when an unauthorized person gains access to sensitive information, for example, that can happen if a password is guessed or stolen.


A strong password is typically at least 8 characters long and includes a mix of lowercase and upper letters, numbers, and symbols. That makes it much harder for someone to guess or steal your password and gain access to your sensitive information.


Encrypt your data


Data breaches can have serious problems. They can lead to identity theft, financial loss, and even damage your reputation. 

To prevent all these awful scenarios, encrypt your data. 

Encryption is a process that encodes data so that authorized individuals can only access it. When your software is encrypted, no harm will come from it, even if it is stolen, because it will be unusable without the proper decryption key. 


While encryption may sound complex, many easy-to-use encryption tools can help you protect your data. We’ve many top-notch products that will definitely help you run this process smoothly. 


Limit access to sensitive data

In the past, all employees had unrestricted access to their company’s computer system and its contents.

In today’s world, businesses are learning the hard way that they need to protect their most sensitive information by restricting access to it.

After all, there is no reason for someone working in the mailroom to have access to customers’ banking details.

Confining access to sensitive files reduces the likelihood of an employee inadvertently clicking on a malicious link.

Companies of the future will likely have their records separated so that only people with a legitimate need to see them can see them.

It’s one of those apparent answers businesses should have used all along. 


Come Up With a Cyber Security Plan


Surprisingly few businesses have established procedures for dealing with data breaches.

They either don’t think they’ll need one anytime soon, or these companies believe they can handle the reaction independently.


That is totally unacceptable to the consumer market and will ruin your reputation.

Identifying what was lost and when it happened is the first step in developing a reaction plan.

When possible, it’s best to find the person or people responsible.

You may mitigate the harm and regain the confidence of the public and your workforce by acting quickly and firmly. 


Data breaches are a severe problem that can lead to devastating consequences. However, by following the tips in this article, you can help to keep your data safe and secure.

Need help to know how to react appropriately and be ready for any of these situations? Don’t hesitate to contact us and get deep details of ManageEngine solutions that will assist you to prevent data breaches in your organization.