Search engines have recently become increasingly advanced, offering users more accurate and faster results than ever before. Bing is no exception, as it has developed a unique feature that sets itself apart.

Bing has announced that a new era of search has just started. For more than tons of years, Microsoft product has tried so hard to get you to replace Google with its search engine. Nevertheless, it successfully persuades a small number of people across the globe, especially in the United States.

But we still love Google. It’s easiest with different integration and other handy tools that make us more confident while browsing the internet. Bing’s market share settles in the low single digits.  

But something huge is about to happen (or it has already happened). Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to rock Google hard for fair competition. 

The answer is to embrace new technology, such as ChatGpt. 

Introducing ChatGPT, a machine learning technology that helps Bing provide its users with an interactive and intuitive experience. With ChatGPT, Bing has significantly changed its search engine capabilities, allowing for more sophisticated queries and better accuracy in finding relevant results.

Integrating an AI-advanced model into Bing will give users a chatGPT-like experience once they type their inquiries into the Bing search tab.


What is Edge Bing?

Microsoft has already launched a new version of its search engine, Edge Bing, with new AI features added to its sidebar.

This new feature is now available, showing up under the search bar to give you another option to find answers to your question— with a blue icon “chat”.

Likewise, the new experience is still somewhat limited, and ChatGPT continues to grow and learn.

The search engine brings you a conversation-like model— ask questions, and you will get instant answers.  

The only difference between using ChatGPT directly and typing your inquiry on Bing is that OpenAI’s product has already trained on data, meaning information after 2021 will not be included in the bot-generated answers. 

Another challenge with ChatGPT is its reliance on pre-existing data sets. As an AI model, ChatGPT’s responses are only as good as the information it has been trained on. This means that if specific topics or phrases are well-represented in its training data, it may need help to provide accurate or helpful responses in those areas.

So, if you ask the machine to plan a five-day vacation to Spain, recommending what you do, where you can stay, and the best restaurants to check in, the bot will need help finding an appropriate answer that suits your needs and budget. 

And this kind of inquiry makes up half of the questions users ask, according to Yusuf Mehdi, the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. 

On the other hand, Bing’s chat feature is slightly up-to-date, which can provide you with updated events, not just what happened before 2021.

Challenges and Negative Consequences 

Everything seems promising, opening a new era of information production. But here is the thing: Microsoft wants to stay ethical in its AI Principles. The Microsoft team is acknowledged that every new technology brings potentially negative consequences. So everyone has to be cognizant of what the future might look like if we go soft on AI capabilities which opens a new chapter in how humanity will deal with technology and computer power. 

Microsoft CEO emphasized that we develop new technologies to boost human productivity, which must be aligned with our human values. 

This technology will reshape the web and how we use the internet.

By leveraging chatbots and natural language processing technology, Microsoft’s search engine promises to revolutionize how people interact with online content while driving innovation in the industry. So how does this impact Google? Let’s watch and learn.

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