Domain administrators (also known as ‘da’s, for short ) are the crown jewels of Active Directory. Responsible for complete administrative control over the domain, they are the one account attackers are after. The power of a domain admin is still often misused during administration, especially when an account needs sufficient privileges to perform a particular activity. To date, the domain admin privileges are still directly or indirectly granted to end-users but are seldom revoked.


In this webinar, we’ll:

  • Observe the different mismanagement and misconfiguration practices in daily administration activities that cause the leakage or exposure of domain admin privileges.
  • Perform hands-on, simulation of different attack tactics employed by attackers to escalate privileges to a domain admin.
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    Attend this webinar to know how to build a comprehensive defense strategy to not only prevent Snake from slithering into your network but also other families of ransomware.